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Car Insurance NZ Discounts

Car insurance NZ providers offer a myriad of discounts to their customers. The insurance industry is very competitive, and insurance companies use discounts as a way to lure customers. Discounts vary from one provider to the next. It is, therefore, important for car owners to compare discounts from different insurance companies. Comparison sites will list different offers from the insurance providers in NZ. Insurance discounts can fall into three categories.Driver discounts

Car insurance NZ companies offer driver discounts by looking at age, driving history, student status, and professional organizations affiliations. Some of the common discounts under this category include:

• Good driver- This discount is given to drivers who have maintained a good driving history and have few accident claims on their record.

• Professional organization- some insurers will offer special discounts for members of particular professional groups.

• Good student- many of the insurance providers have special discounts for good students who score highly or those who have graduated recently.

• Auto Club- insurance providers may consider a discount for car owners who get roadside assistance from highly reputable auto clubs.

• Low-risk occupations- if you work in an occupation that the insurer deems as low risk, then they can offer you a discount.

• Driver training- drivers can be considered for discounts if they have attended and completed an accredited driver’s course. This mostly applies to new drivers. There are also courses for senior drivers such as defensive driving courses.

• Low mileage- many Youi car insurance NZ providers offer mileage discounts to drivers. These companies normally have mileage caps.

Vehicle Discounts

The type of car you drive will affect your car insurance NZ rates. You can benefit from discounts if you add certain safety features to your car. These additions include:

• Safety equipment- Installing safety devices such as airbags, anti-lock brakes, and anti-theft protection devices can earn you good savings.

• Alternative fuel- if your car has an alternative fuel provision, then you can negotiate for better rates.

• New car- new and efficient cars can also earn you a discount.

Policy Discounts

Policy discounts are not directly related to the driver or the car. These are discounts that the car insurance NZ provider can offer based on certain considerations.

• Multi-vehicle- you can get a discount by insuring more than one car with the same provider.

• Full payment- special discounts are given to policyholders who make full payments on their insurance premiums.

• Customer loyalty- insurance companies reward loyalty.